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IHC beaver 50 cutter suction dredger (20 inch)

For sale a IHC beaver 50 (20 inch) cutter suction dredger from 2014 with spare parts.

This IHC 50 Cutter Suction Dredger was built in 2014 by IHC Holland in the Netherlands. The dredge has a suction diameter of 550 mm (22-inches) and a discharge diameter of 500 mm (20-inches). Dredging depth is 14 m (46-feet) and Cutter power is 170 kW (228 hp). The dredge has a length of 32.3 m (105-feet) and width of 7.87 m (25.82-feet).

Totale installed power 1350 Kw from the two Caterpillar Engines, Main and Auxiliary.

Attached in the images you will find more information about this cutter suction dredger from IHC.


 The spares remaining are as follows :

1.     1 unit of Pump Housing

2.     2 units of Impeller

3.     3 units of Front & Back Liner

4.     2 units of Liner throat

5.     1 unit of Suction throat

6.     2 boxes of complete cutter teeth

 And it has pipeline in excess of 1km , with a tugboat attached to it for easy sailing and movement.



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