Sand dredge for sale with Warman 10/8 F-GH pump

This suction dredger is a dredger with a diesel direct driven inboard pump. The jet pump and winches are electrically powered and powered by a diesel generator set. The sand suction dredger can be dismantled and transported by axle. Furthermore, the sand dredger was completely renovated in 2009 and is in a good state of maintenance.



Suction and Press diameter 300 mm

Suction tube length 27 meters

Mixture capacity: Max. 1,200 m3 / hr

Main dimensions of pontoons: 19 m x 5.5 m  


Sand pump set:

Sand pump manufactured by Warman type 10/8 F-GH

Sand pump diesel engine John Deere, type JD 6125 AFM-M2. Power 298 kW  


Generator set:

John Deere diesel engine, type JD 6081 H.

Power 268 kW

Leroy-Somer generator, type LSA 462 L9


Jet pump:

KSB jet pump, type G 150-400 G10

Electric driven 185 kW  


Winches: Marotechniek suction tube winch, type MT-EP-2500

4x Marotechniek story winches, type MT-EW-2200  


Furthermore: Column slewing crane 1,600 kg

Mixture speedometer

GPS Positioning system



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