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Hydraulic Dredging Equipment

Oiltech refers to the various tools and machinery used for removing sediment and debris from the bottom of bodies of water, such as rivers, lakes, and harbors.

Some common types of dredging equipment include:

  • Jet Suction Dredges: These are large, specialized vessels that are used to excavate and remove sediment from the bottom of bodies of water.
  • Excavators: These are machines that use a large metal scoop or bucket to dig into the bottom of the water and remove material.
  • Dredge pumps: These pumps are used to transfer the dredged material from the excavation site to a nearby area for disposal.
  • Cutter suction dredgers: These vessels use a hydraulic rotating cutter head to break up compacted sediment, which is then suctioned up and pumped to the surface.
  • Dredge pipes: These pipes are used to transport the dredged material from the dredge to a disposal site.
  • Auger dredger: The vessel is a type of dredger that uses a hydraulic rotating helical screw to excavate the sediment from the bottom.

The type of dredging equipment used depends on the size and nature of the dredging project, as well as the desired outcome. Some dredging projects may require the use of multiple pieces of equipment, while others can be completed with just one.

Oiltech Dredging Equipment in Holland (The Netherlands) has been associated with the dredging industry for many years. Our Dutch company specializes in building, designing, maintaining, and repairing cutter suction dredgers and other related dredging equipment.

Our strength is derived from our years of experience in carrying out dredging work. By sharing this experience, we are able to deliver the right dredger for each job site to extract sand or gravel.

In addition to our knowledge in dredging and our global network, we also resell used (second-hand) dredgers or equipment from clients who are looking to buy a new one.

We can assist you with the following services:

  • Dredger design and engineering
  • Turnkey projects (with assistance from local shipbuilding)
  • Supplying spare parts
  • Dredger construction packages
  • Local installation (start up)
  • Maintenance and inspection reports
  • Sales advise
  • Used Dredger and Equipment
  • Electrification of existing dredger

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