cutter suction dredger

Cutter suction dredger


Our cutter suction dredgers are designed as a stationary vessel that loosens the material in the hard ground with a rotating cutter head. Usually where the sand layer is hard or with stone, clay, silt ect.

After cutting through the hard layer, the solid material will be sucked up by the dredging pumps and transported to land or a discharge arrea.

The cutter suction dredgers can be adjusted according to dredging depth, working capacity and discharge distance. Up to 15 m dredging depth and with a maximum flow rate of 6000 m3/hour.

We supply cutter suction dredgers in sizes from 6" to 20". inches. New construction at our shipyard or locally together with our customer. If the customer prefers to build the cutter suction dredger, we can support it with dredge design and engineering packages, local installation and supplying all necessary parts packed in containers to be shipped to the customer's overseas yard.

Standard pump selection and system design is based on WEIR production, piping analysis sheets. (Warman dredging pumps)