Gold mining dredger
Gold mining dredger

Gold Mining Dredger: Efficient and Reliable Solution for Gold Mining

The gold mining dredge is a suction dredger designed specifically for gold mining. It has a basic yet robust design that allows for easy assembly, disassembly, and transportation. With three pontoons - the primary pontoon and two side pontoons - it is powered by a diesel marine engine and a mechanical PTO that drives the dredge pump. Its diesel engine is cooled by an open cooling-water system, ensuring reliability and efficiency.

The gold mining dredge features a unique Jet installation that can be switched between the dredger and the sluice box. The Jet employs water to create hydraulic riffles in combination with Hungarian riffles, enhancing production and improving the efficiency of the gold mining process.

All equipment is located on the primary pontoon, allowing for easy transportation with only a few parts that require disassembly. The gold mining dredger can be operated by a single person, making it a suitable solution for efficient and effective gold mining.

Our gold mining dredge has a production capacity of up to 450m3 cubic meters per hour, meaning that it can process a significant amount of material in a short amount of time. It can operate in water depths ranging from 1.2 meters to 20 meters, making it suitable for a variety of gold mining applications.

We take measures to minimize the environmental impact of using a gold dredge, such as designing our dredge to be as efficient as possible, reducing the amount of material that needs to be processed. We also operate the dredge in a way that minimizes disturbance to the surrounding area.

Our gold mining dredge is designed to be easy to maintain, with a simple yet robust design that ensures reliability and durability. We recommend regular servicing to ensure that it continues to operate at peak performance.

The cost of operating the gold mining dredge will vary depending on factors such as fuel consumption and maintenance costs. However, we have designed our dredge to be as efficient as possible, reducing fuel consumption and minimizing maintenance requirements.

Operating the gold mining dredge requires some specialized skills and training, but we provide comprehensive training to ensure that operators are able to operate the dredge safely and efficiently. We also offer ongoing support to ensure that operators can troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Our gold mining dredge comes with a one-year warranty, and we provide ongoing support to ensure that our customers are able to get the most out of their investment. We offer technical support and assistance with maintenance and repairs, ensuring that our customers have the resources they need to keep their dredge running smoothly.

Areas of use:

This gold mining dredger is utilized for gold dredging in countries like Senegal, Ghana, Guinee, the DRC Congo, Liberia, and various African nations. Meanwhile, it plays a crucial role in alluvial diamond gravel recovery in rivers, particularly in Angola, Botswana, South Africa, Central Afrika, and other African countries. Its exceptional versatility makes it an essential component of any gold or alluvial dredging system.

In summary, our gold dredge is an excellent choice for anyone looking to mine gold efficiently and reliably. Its straightforward design, powerful diesel dredge engine, and unique Jet installation are sure to make your gold mining experience successful. Don't wait any longer! Contact us today to learn more about our gold mining dredge and how it can help you achieve your gold mining objectives.

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