gold mining dredger

Gold mining dredger

The gold mining dredger is a dismountable, suction dredger. The design of the construction is basic, simple and sturdy of construction. The dredger is designed for efficient operation and easy maintainability. The hull consists of 3 pontoons: the main pontoon and two side pontoons with a simple and quick assembly and dismantling system. A diesel marine engine with a mechanical PTO drives the dredge pump. The diesel engines are cooled by means of a open cooling-water system. Also included for more production is a the Jet installation that can be switch between the dredger and the sluice box. From this Jet water we fabricate hydraulic riffles in combination with hungarian riffles.

All the equipment described is situated on the main pontoon, so that transportation of the dredger requires a minimum number of parts to be dismantled. All main components are transportable by road and only one person is required for operating the dredger.

dredger transport