Jet suction dredger

Our jet suction dredgers are designed to dig into the shallow waters of rivers, lakes, channels and docks, and it can be used for the cleaning of reservoirs, sand stock, docks, piers and harbors. Mostly where the sand layer is soft.

A high pressure water jet will break the sand layer first, then sand pump will suck up the solids and discharge it further to land.

The dredger can be customized according to dredging depth, working capacity and discharge distance.

Main diesel engine provides power to gravel, sand, slurry dredge pump and the hydraulic system. A smaller auxiliary diesel supplies the high pressure water pump.

Up to 15 mtr depth.

We provide suction dredgers in sizes from 6” to 20.”

The standaard pump selection and the design of the system is based on the WEIR production, pipe line analysis sheets. (Warman Dredge pumps)