A submersible pump for dredging is a specially designed pump that can operate underwater to extract or remove sediments, debris, or sludge from water bodies or wetlands. It typically consists of a motor, impeller, intake, and discharge ports that can be submerged under the water. The pump's impeller rotates to create a suction force that sucks in water, sediments, and debris from the intake port and then discharges them through the discharge port.

Submersible pumps for dredging are commonly used in construction and mining projects, wastewater treatment plants, and agricultural applications. They can pump water from depths of up to 100 meters and are capable of handling a variety of solids and sludge. The size and capacity of a submersible pump for dredging can vary depending on the specific application, and they can be customized to meet specific needs.

We have to Dragflow used set for sale:

  • HY85-160HC
  • DRH400 cable dredger

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