The image shows three suction/discharge hoses designed for use in dredging applications, specifically for a cutter suction dredger or discharge line. The hoses are 2000mm in length, with a diameter of 750mm/30". They have a working pressure of 16 bar, a burst pressure of 32 bar, a suction (vacuum) of 0.8 bar, and a designed curve angle of 26 degrees. These hoses are specifically designed for sand and gravel applications.
Dredge hose

Dredge hose

For sale suction / discharge hose useable for dredging applications, like a cutter suction dredger or in use for the discharge line.

-length 2000mm
-DN 750mm / 30"
-working pressure 16 bar 
-burst pressure 32 bar
-suction (vacuum) 0,8 bar
-designed curve angle 26d
-designed for sand gravel application
- brand new 2022 year  production (NOT Chiana/ India made)
- incl steel flange and bolts/nuts
- 780 kg/ unit
 FOB port Europe  
lot 4 pcs