The image shows a close-up of a section of a floating hose used in dredging operations.
Floating hoses for dredgers

Floating hoses

Floating hoses are an essential component of a dredging system that is used to transport dredged material, such as sand, silt, and other sediments, from the dredging site to the intended location. The hoses are designed to float on the water's surface and provide a flexible connection between the dredger and the shore, pipeline, or storage location.

There are several types of floating hoses available for sale, each designed to meet specific requirements of a dredging project. Rubber hoses are a common type of floating hose used in dredging. They are made from a rubber material and are flexible, durable, and have a high resistance to abrasion and tearing. They are suitable for use in harsh environments and are often used in dredging projects involving large volumes of abrasive materials.

The type of floating hose to choose for a dredging project depends on several factors such as the volume of material to be transported, the type of material, the distance to the destination, and the environmental conditions. It is essential to choose the right floating hose to ensure efficient and safe dredging operations.

For sale:

Dunlop hoses available for sale (see photo attached):

1. Submarine - 1 pc   16"x12,2 m Total - 1 pcs.

2. Submarine - 2 pcs 16"x9,10 m Total - 2 pcs.

3. Floating  - 16"x12,2 m Total - 6 pcs.

4. Floating  - 12"x9,10 m Total - 8 pcs.

Total total - 17 pcs (two trucks).

The hoses are located in Klaipeda (Baltic sea) Lithuania, Europe.

Please be informed that we have left 16 pcs. 12 inch floating (146 m) and 7 pcs. 16 inch floating (80 m) hoses for dredging available.