Gold Mining Equipment


Gold mining equipment refers to the tools, machines, and other equipment used in the extraction and processing of gold from the earth. Some common examples of gold mining equipment include excavators, bulldozers, rock drills, crushers, and trommels. These tools are used to locate and extract gold deposits, break up and remove soil and rock, and process the raw materials into a form that can be refined into pure gold. Other specialized equipment may also be used depending on the specific mining operation and the scale of the project.

When used in combination with a dredger, gold mining equipment may include specialized tools such as suction dredges, which are used to extract gold and other minerals from the bottom of rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water. The dredger removes the sediment and material containing the gold, which is then processed using equipment such as sluice boxes, jigs, or centrifuges to separate the gold from other materials. Dredging for gold can be an effective way to extract large quantities of gold from waterways.

In addition to a dredger, gold mining equipment may also include a washplant, which is used to process the extracted material and separate the gold from other minerals and debris. A washplant typically includes equipment such as screens, sluice boxes, and shaking tables that use water and gravity to separate the gold from other materials. The extracted material is fed into the washplant, where it is scrubbed and washed to remove clay, dirt, and other impurities before being processed further. Washplants come in different sizes and configurations depending on the scale of the mining operation and the type of deposit being mined.

We have two gold sluichboxes on stock and can by used directly. We also sell a gold mining dredger separately to use in combination with this sluichboxes.

Installation and working princepels can be done at your working site. Feel free to contact us for more information. See our youtube video Gold Mining Wash Plant