warman 6/4 dredge pump
Used dredge pump

Used dredge pump 6/4

The Warman 6 inch dredge pump is a powerful and efficient pump used for dredging applications. It is designed to handle the toughest of dredging conditions, including high concentrations of solids and heavy abrasive materials.

The pump has a maximum flow rate of up to 900 cubic meters per hour and can deliver up to 45 meters of head. It has a robust design with a heavy-duty casing, impeller, and suction liner that can withstand the wear and tear of constant use in harsh environments.

The Warman 6 inch dredge pump is used in a variety of applications, including marine and river dredging, mining operations, and construction projects that require the removal of sediment or debris from waterways. It is also commonly used in the oil and gas industry for offshore drilling and pipeline maintenance.

Overall, the Warman 6 inch dredge pump is an essential tool for any dredging project that requires reliable and efficient pumping of high volumes of solids and abrasive materials.