Row of pre-owned Warman brand dredge pumps in various sizes for sale
Used dredge pumps for sale

Used dredge pumps for sale

If you're in the market for used dredge pumps, we offer pre-owned Warman brand pumps in various sizes up to 20 inches. These refurbished dredge pumps are capable of handling large volumes of water, slurries, and solids, and are commonly used in dredging, mining, construction, and environmental applications. They come in different types, including submersible, self-priming, and booster pumps, and can range in size from small portable units to large stationary installations.

Please note that we have a list of our recycled dredge pumps available for sale, and they come with different frame rates. So if you're looking for secondhand dredge pumps, consider checking out our inventory of previously owned dredge pumps.

6/4 DG
8/6 EG
8/6 FGH
10/8 FG
10/8 FGH
10/8 SGH
12/10 FG
12/10 GG
12/10 GGH
14/12 GG
18/16 GG

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