cutterhead dredging

Oiltech Dredging Equipment in the Nederlands is for many years related to the dredging industry. Our dutch company is specialized in building, design, maintenance, repair of cutter suction dredgers or related dredging components.

Our strength lies in the experience of having carried out the dredging work for many years. By sharing this experience we can deliver the right dredger for every jobsite to extract sand or gravel.

Besides our knowledge in dredging and our global network we also resale used (second-hand) dredgers or equipment from our clients who intend to buy a new one.

We can help you with:

- Dredger design and engineering.

- Turnkey projects (with assists local shipbuilding)

- Supplying spare parts

- Dredger design packages

- Local installation

- Maintenance / inspection reports

- Sales advise


We design different types of dredgers, such as cutter suction dredgers, flat suction dredgers and mini dredgers, for all situations and applications. The type of dredger you need depends on the work location. Keywords are production, dredging department, unloading distance.