Cutter Suction Dredger Spare-Parts

Cutter suction dredger spare parts refer to the components that make up the dredger equipment, which includes the cutter head, suction pipe, dredge pump, hydraulic system, and other components.

The cutter head is the part of the dredger that breaks up the sediment and rocks to facilitate easy suction, and it comes with replaceable teeth or blades. The suction pipe is the channel that sucks up the sediment and sends it to the dredge pump, which discharges the material to the hopper or barge.

The hydraulic system powers the various functions of the dredger, including the movement of the suction pipe, cutter head, and pumps. Other spare parts include the control system, engines, and generators, among others. It is essential to have spare parts for the dredger to minimize downtime in case of any breakdown or wear and tear of the equipment.

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