Diamond Jig Plants

Diamond Jig Plants are specialized mining equipment used in diamond recovery operations. These plants use a process called density separation to separate diamonds from other materials. The diamond jig plant is essentially a gravity concentration process that separates diamonds based on their specific gravity.

The function of a diamond jig plant is to recover diamonds from ore deposits. The process begins by crushing and screening the ore to remove large particles and then feeding the smaller particles into the diamond jig plant. The diamond jig plant consists of a series of jigs that are lined up in a row. Each jig has a mesh screen or bed that is used to separate diamonds from other materials based on their size and specific gravity.

As the material flows through the jigs, water is pulsed through the beds. This creates a pulsating action that separates the diamonds from the other materials. The diamonds are then collected in a container, while the remaining materials are washed out of the jig and discarded.

Diamond jig plants are highly efficient and can recover diamonds of various sizes. They are also cost-effective and have a low environmental impact, making them a popular choice for diamond mining operations. Additionally, diamond jig plants can be used in both open-pit and underground mining operations, making them versatile and adaptable to different mining environments.

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