Image of computer software showing dredging operations with GPS and depth sensors
Dredge computer software

Dredge computer

CT SYSTEMS BV is a company with over four decades of experience in the maritime industry, known for its innovative and specialized solutions.

Strategically located along the Dutch coast, the company caters to a wide range of professional maritime sectors, including offshore, survey, maritime construction, and dredging.

The company's primary focus is on developing and installing advanced hardware and software solutions that cater to the unique needs of each industry. One of its flagship products is the Viking Software, which offers specialized positioning modules optimized for different industries.

In addition to Viking, the company offers a diverse range of related hardware products such as PC installations, hydrographic survey equipment, dredging sensors, and RTK GPS receivers. CT SYSTEMS BV also provides various services to its customers, including international installation of related hardware products, equipment rental, pre- and post-processing of data for both onshore and offshore projects, performing hydrographic and magnetic surveys, third-party software and product support, international and local support, and procurement support.

CT SYSTEMS BV has gained a reputation as a trusted and reliable partner for the maritime industry, offering advanced solutions and comprehensive support to ensure the success of each project.