Jack ups

A Jack-Up barge is a type of floating platform used in the maritime and offshore industries, especially in dredging operations.

In dredging, Jack-Up barges are used to perform a variety of tasks, including removing sediment, rocks, and other materials from the bottom of a water body to maintain navigational channels, deepen harbors, and create land for construction or development purposes.

These barges are designed to be self-elevating, meaning they have legs that can be lowered to the seabed and then extended upwards to raise the barge out of the water. This allows the barge to operate in shallow waters and in areas with soft or shifting seabeds, where traditional dredging vessels would not be able to work effectively.

The barge is equipped with dredging pumps and other equipment that are used to suction and transfer the sediment and other materials from the seabed to a hopper or discharge point on the barge.

Jack-Up barges are a versatile and cost-effective solution for dredging operations, as they can be easily transported to different locations and can be operated by a relatively small crew. However, they also have some limitations, including limited barge stability and limited dredging depth compared to traditional dredging vessels.