Multicat vessel
Multicat Vessel

Multicat Vessels

A multicat vessel is a type of workboat that is often used in marine construction, dredging, and other offshore operations. Multicats are characterized by their shallow draft, relatively low freeboard, and high maneuverability. They are typically equipped with powerful towing winches and cranes, making them ideal for a wide range of tasks such as anchor handling, dredger support, towage, and general marine construction.

When it comes to dredging operations, a multicat vessel can play a critical role in supporting the work of a dredger. Specifically, a multicat can assist the dredger by providing a platform for equipment and personnel, as well as by towing the dredger or its associated equipment to and from the dredging site. In some cases, a multicat may also be used to transport dredged material to a designated disposal site.

Overall, the main function of a multicat vessel in dredging operations is to provide support and assistance to the dredger, allowing it to work more efficiently and effectively in challenging marine environments.


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