Damen Booster Pump Station

The Damen dredge pump type BP5045 is a high-performance pump designed specifically for use in dredging operations. It is a heavy-duty pump that is capable of handling large volumes of sand, mud, and other materials commonly found in dredging applications.

The Damen booster station has a maximum capacity of 4,500 cubic meters per hour and can operate at a maximum head of 45 meters. It has an inlet diameter of 20 inches and is capable of handling solid particles up to 180mm in diameter. The pump is driven by an diesel engine (CAT) and is mounted on a sturdy frame that is designed to withstand the rigors of dredging operations.

One key feature of the BP5045 pump is its gearbox, which is integrated into the frame. The gearbox is designed to provide the optimal speed and torque for the pump, ensuring efficient and reliable operation. The gearbox is also designed to be easy to maintain, with readily accessible oil level and drain plugs.

Overall, the Damen dredge pump type BP5045 20 inch complete on frame with gearbox is a highly efficient and reliable pump that is well-suited for use in demanding dredging applications.

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