Cutter suction dredger Damen 12/10

Looking for a reliable and sturdy dredger for your next marine project? Look no further than the 12/10 Damen dredger, built by the renowned Damen Shipyards in 1982. With its impressive technical specifications, this dredger is a powerful and efficient tool for any dredging job.

Measuring 15.50 meters in length and 6.2 meters in width, the 12/10 Damen dredger is designed to tackle even the toughest dredging challenges. Its cutter depth of 6 meters and profile piston of 18 meters make it capable of reaching deep into the seabed to extract sediment and other materials. The suction and pressure pipe, measuring 260 mm, allows for efficient transport of dredged materials to their destination.

The ladder construction of the 12/10 Damen dredger is a hydraulic swinging construction, which makes it easy to maneuver and position as needed. The cutterhead, designed by Damen, is a high-performance component that ensures efficient and effective dredging. Additionally, the dredger is equipped with 2 hydraulic spuds in the front and 1 working spud in the back, providing stability and control during operation.

The dredgepump on this vessel is a Damen type BP 23-20, powered by a reliable Volvo 227 Kw engine. The twin disk gearbox ensures smooth and reliable operation, while the hydraulic winches provide easy control over the dredging process. For added peace of mind, the 12/10 Damen dredger comes with a complete set of spare parts, including a Damen pump and hydraulic hoses.

Overall, the 12/10 Damen dredger is in good condition and comes with a certificate of inspection. The engine room is isolated for added safety and the vessel has been well-maintained throughout its life. Additional pictures of the dredger are available upon request.

If you're looking for a powerful and reliable dredger for your next marine project, consider the 12/10 Damen dredger. Its impressive technical specifications and proven performance make it an ideal choice for any dredging job.