Ellicott Dredge
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Offering a powerful solution for dredging needs, we present a well-maintained used cutter suction dredger from the reputable brand, Ellicott. This particular model is the Ellicott 370 HP 6, showcasing its capacity for efficient dredging operations.

Key Features:
- Brand: Ellicott
- Model: 370 HP 6
- Engine: Caterpillar 4600 (operating hours)
- Dredge Pump: Metso 12-10
- Suction Pipe: DN300
- Delivery Pipe: DN250

Extras and Enhancements:
-  Spare Cutter Head: Ensuring uninterrupted operations with a backup cutter head.
-  Extended Dredging Depth: Equipped to dredge up to an impressive 8 meters, providing versatility for various projects.
- Underwater Hull Recoating (2015): The underwater hull was recoated in 2015, enhancing durability and longevity.

This cutter suction dredger has been meticulously maintained, making it a reliable asset for any dredging venture. With its robust catepillar engine and efficient pump, it's ready to take on challenging dredging tasks. Don't miss this opportunity to acquire a powerful dredging solution at an attractive value.

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