The IHC BEAVER KING 1500 with a Caterpillar engine D399 is a powerful and versatile cutter suction dredger used for extracting sand, gravel, and mud from the seabed or riverbed. With a flow rate of 200-350m3/h, it is capable of dredging up to 2000m of material using its strong cutting head, making it particularly effective at excavating soil covered with roots.

One of the notable features of the IHC BEAVER KING 1500 is its size, with a length of 24 meters and width of 7 meters, as well as a maximum draft of 1.3 meters and displacement of 153.5 tons. This makes it a large and robust vessel capable of operating in challenging conditions.

The dredger is also designed with a pressure pipe diameter of either 300 mm or 400 mm and a maximum dredging depth of 12 meters. This allows it to work in a variety of environments, and with the appropriate pressure pipe length, it can discharge materials up to a distance of 1000-1500 meters.

Finally, the IHC BEAVER KING 1500 boasts impressive performance, with the ability to extract between 150-450m3/h of dry material depending on the type of material being dredged. This makes it a valuable asset for a variety of projects, from large-scale construction to environmental restoration efforts.

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