10 inch suction dredger

A suction dredger is a specialized piece of equipment designed for dredging operations. It is used to remove sediments, mud, and debris from the bottom of bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, and harbors.

This suction dredger in question was produced in 2013 and commenced its use in 2015. It is equipped with a Cummins diesel engine that powers the main dredge pump, which is similar to a Warman pump. The dredger also has an external power jet electric system that is similar to all rope winches and the main winch.

The main engine is cooled through an outboard cooling system, which is designed to keep it operating at optimal temperatures. The cabin of the suction dredger is designed to be ergonomic, providing the operator with a comfortable workspace.

The dredger is also equipped with a pipeline that is 240 mtr long and pontoon buoys that keep the pipeline afloat. The dredger has the capability to dig spoil up to 12 meters deep, making it suitable for a range of dredging applications.

Overall, the suction dredger is a highly specialized piece of equipment that is designed to make dredging operations more efficient and effective. With its advanced features and capabilities, it is a valuable asset for any organization involved in dredging activities.

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