6-Inch Suction Dredger: A Versatile Solution for Efficient Dredging

The 6 inch dredge is a versatile and efficient piece of equipment that is designed for shallow water dredging in rivers, lakes, channels, docks, and reservoirs. This dredge can be used for sand, gold, or gravel dredging works, and it is capable of cleaning piers, harbors, and docks. The dredgepump is a Warman high-pressure gravel pump with a capacity of 450 m3/h and a 110 kW marine engine.

The 6 inch dredge has a maximum performance dry residue of 150 m3/h and a nominal performance dry residue of 90 m3/h. It can reach a height of the water column of 55 m and a ladder construction dredging depth of up to 10 meters at a 45-degree angle. The dredge uses a suction pipe diameter and discharge pipe diameter of 150 mm and has a passage size solid (max diameter) of 82 mm.

The length overall, including the ladder, is 14.20 meters, and the length over pontoons is 11.50 meters. The dredge is constructed with a double-layer marine paint system, and the company color is customizable. It comes with two side wire winches and one ladder winch, both of which are remote-controlled. The dredge also includes water jet equipment (80 mm) that can increase production up to 125 m3/hour at 8 Bar pressure.

The dredge is equipped with four 180/200 AH batteries and can be transported in one container. Additionally, two dredgers are available in stock, each with 150 mtr of HDPE pipe. Optional features include a booster station, cutterhead (30 Kw), spuds, workboat, electric drive, and hydraulic power pack.

In conclusion, the 6 inch dredge is an ideal solution for small pond dredging equipment, lake dredging equipment, and river dredging equipment, among other applications. It is a reliable and efficient piece of equipment that can handle various types of dredging works. If you are looking for a 6 inch dredge for sale, this is a great option to consider.