8 inch Suction Dredger for Sale

A Catamaran suction dredger is a specialized vessel used for dredging operations in shallow water. In this case, the dredger was built specifically for desilting a power station lagoon and was manufactured in 2008.

The dredger measures under 15 meters in length and weighs 7.7 tonnes, which allows it to be lifted into the water as a single load. It has a jet pump that can pass material with a dimension of up to 35mm and can dredge up to a maximum depth of 6m with a selection of pipework available at an additional cost.

To power the dredger, a 150kva generator is required, which is located on the shore and is priced as an extra. The dredger has a maximum flow of 230m3/h and can handle a concentration of solids between 14-30%, depending on the mix.

The price for the 8-inch Catamaran suction dredger is 110,000 euro's ex VAT, excluding transport, which can be organized separately. This dredger is a specialized and valuable piece of equipment for desilting operations in shallow water, particularly in industrial or power plant settings.