electric dredger with submersible dredge pump

Looking for an exceptional dredger to handle tough tasks effortlessly? Presenting our powerful dredger equipped with the renowned Toyo DP50B Submersible Pump, ensuring unmatched performance and efficiency.

With a capacity of 360 m3/h and an output of approximately 100 tons per hour, experience unparalleled productivity. Its lifting height of 15 meters overcomes any obstacle.

Powered by a robust 37 kW electric motor, it offers relentless power and reliability. Reach inaccessible areas with a digging depth of up to 10 meters. Effortlessly maneuver with winch control and securely anchor using three reliable winches.

Transportation made easy with the attached hitch and rear axle—no need for cranes or semi-trailers. Compact and efficient design with dimensions of 11.5m length and 3.9m width.

Maximize your capabilities with 84 meters of new pipelines and 200mm inner diameter. Toyo DPF-50B dredge pumps are engineered for heavy-duty applications. Price: €59,000, excluding transport. Contact us for more information and pictures.