Used Dopke Dredger for sale
Dopke Dredger

For Sale: Refurbished Inland Water Swing Ladder Dredge by DOPKE

Discover the reliability of this meticulously overhauled inland water Swing Ladder Dredge, proudly crafted by DOPKE. Ideal for a range of applications, this dredger is a robust solution for river cleaning, dredging operations, and efficient material transportation in open-pit mining environments, facilitating the transfer of excavated material to processing plants such as dewatering units and sifters.

Key Features:

Powerful Performance: Driven by (DEUTZ) internal engine, ensuring optimal power for the DOPKE dredge pump and hydraulic system.

Precision Overhaul: The DOPKE slurry/gravel pump has undergone a thorough overhaul with original parts, including a new impeller, jackets, bushings, and more.

Versatile Functionality: Equipped with an additional water pump to flood the slurry pump, 4 hydraulic winches with a planetary system and cables, an electric-hydraulic control system, and a hydraulic cutting head.

Fuel Efficiency: Three strategically placed fuel tanks in the side pontoons enhance operational endurance.

Mobile and Efficient:

The dredger's mobile design allows for swift assembly and disassembly, making road transport a breeze requiring only three flatbed trailers. Moreover, the Dopke Dredger operation excels in its ability to maneuver the cutting head both vertically and horizontally, offering versatility in manual and automatic modes.

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