An image of a spud carrier, a component of a dredger used to move and position the vertical steel poles called spuds, which anchor the dredger during operation.
spud carrier system

Spud Carrier System

The Spud Carrier system is specifically engineered for smaller dredgers with discharge pipe diameters ranging from 250mm to 350mm. If you have a dredger with a discharge pipe diameter exceeding 400mm, we can provide you with customized solutions upon request. This system can be installed on any brand of dredger, and is delivered as a modular pontoon complete with all necessary components for seamless integration with your dredger.

By reducing the frequency of spud changes, the Spud Carrier can boost your dredger's production by an average of 20%. Key features include:

  • A cost-effective way to enhance your dredger's performance
  • Quick delivery times
  • Convenient containerization and road transportability
  • Availability of spare parts from stock
  • Compatibility with dredger brands such as Damen, IHC, and others.

The Spud Carrier comprises two pontoons joined by a frame and attached to the aft side of the dredger. The movable Spud Carrier is situated in the well of the system and operates using a chain or hydraulic cylinders driven by a hydraulic motor. The carrier is easily controlled from the operator's cabin on the dredger. Its upper part is equipped with wheels that move along a steel profile welded into the Spud Carrier pontoons, while its lower part features slides for smooth movement.

Spud carrier