Portable sand dredger

We recently exported a 6 inch suction dredger to Africa for sand suction purposes. The client had approached us with an inquiry in January and we were able to build and test the mini sand dredge in just six weeks, making it ready for transportation. The client had a requirement for small-scale sand dredging in a small river and lake side. The dredging depth needed to be about 8 meters, with a delivery distance of approximately 300 meters and 4 meters up.

Upon visiting the client's dredging site, we suggested the use of our small 6 inch suction dredger which would be ideal for his specific requirements. Additionally, we helped the client purchase other necessary goods such as discharge pipes and water pumps from Holland. After completion of the dredger, we carefully loaded it and the other goods into a single container and organized transportation to the client's harbor.

After installation and testing of the portable sand dredge on the client's site, the client was extremely satisfied with the results. Our small dredging equipment had exceeded his expectations and was able to efficiently and effectively meet his sand dredging requirements.

Update: client have ordered a second one