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Ladder expansion cutter suction dredger

Enhancing Dredging Capabilities: Expanding and Reassembling the Dredge Ladder

As a company, we have made an improvement to a pre-owned 20-inch cutter suction dredger by expanding the ladder. 

The dredge ladder assembly has been modified to allow for a longer ladder, which enables the dredger to reach greater depths and cover more area. This ladder dredger modification required the installation of new ladder dredging equipment, as well as the replacement of some dredge ladder parts.

The ladder dredge operation has been enhanced by this modification, as the longer ladder allows for more efficient dredging and a larger volume of material to be extracted. This means that our company can now take on larger dredging projects and complete them more quickly and effectively.

Overall, the expansion of the dredge ladder has been a significant improvement to our cutter suction dredger, and we believe that it will benefit our company and our clients by allowing us to complete dredging projects more efficiently and effectively.