The image shows a highly efficient and easily maintainable suction gold dredger with a sluice box, designed for alluvial mining activities in deep rivers or lakes.
Gold dredge

Fourth Alluvial Gold Dredge

Oiltech Dredging Equipment has delivered a new gold dredge, including all associated equipment and a sluicebox, to a client in Central Africa. This marks the fourth new dredger sold by Oiltech to the gold mining industry in the past two years, with previous deliveries made to the Congo and Ghana. The company has applied its experience from earlier dredgers and installations to design this fourth dredger, which is specifically designed for alluvial mining activities in deep rivers or lakes. It has a special interchangeable ladder extension with jet water function, allowing it to go deeper into the river than standard dredgers.

The gold dredge is a highly efficient and easily maintainable suction dredger, perfect for mining gold. It features a basic but sturdy design that ensures easy assembly, disassembly, and transport. Its three pontoons - main and two side - can be quickly assembled and disassembled. The dredger is powered by a diesel marine engine and a mechanical PTO that drives the dredge pump. The engine is cooled by an open cooling-water system for reliable and efficient performance.

The Jet installation is a unique feature of the gold dredge that can be switched between the dredger and the sluice box. It uses water to create hydraulic riffles in combination with Hungarian riffles, increasing production and improving gold mining efficiency. All equipment is located on the main pontoon for easy transportation with minimal dismantling required. The gold dredge can be operated by just one person, making it an ideal solution for efficient and effective gold mining. Contact Oiltech Dredging Equipment today to learn more about this excellent choice for gold mining.

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