The image shows a highly efficient and easily maintainable suction gold dredger with a sluice box, designed for alluvial mining activities in deep rivers or lakes.
Gold dredge

Delivering Excellence: Oiltech's Fourth Gold Dredger to Central Africa


Oiltech Dredging Equipment is delighted to announce the successful delivery of their fourth alluvial gold dredge to a valued client in Central Africa. This state-of-the-art dredger, along with its accompanying equipment and innovative sluice box, represents a significant advancement in the gold mining industry. With prior successful deliveries to the Congo and Ghana, Oiltech's expertise in this field continues to make a profound impact.

Unleashing the Power of Alluvial Mining:

Designed specifically for alluvial mining activities in deep rivers or lakes, this fourth gold dredger is the culmination of Oiltech's experience and knowledge from previous installations. It incorporates valuable insights gained from earlier dredgers, resulting in a cutting-edge solution that excels in gold extraction.

Enhanced Performance with Special Features:

One notable feature of this gold dredge is its special interchangeable ladder extension with jet water function. This unique addition enables the dredger to reach greater depths within the river, surpassing the capabilities of standard dredgers. Such adaptability enhances efficiency and expands opportunities for successful gold mining operations.

Efficiency and Ease of Use:

The gold dredge boasts a highly efficient and easily maintainable suction dredging system, specifically tailored for gold mining endeavors. Its robust and straightforward design facilitates effortless assembly, disassembly, and transport. With three pontoons - a main pontoon and two side pontoons - quick assembly and disassembly are made possible, streamlining operational processes.

Reliable Power and Cooling:

Powered by a diesel marine engine, the gold dredge incorporates a mechanical PTO to drive the dredge pump. To ensure reliable performance, the engine utilizes an open cooling-water system, effectively regulating temperature and maximizing efficiency.

Unleashing the Power of Jet Installation:

A remarkable feature of this gold dredge is its innovative Jet installation, capable of seamlessly switching between the dredger and the sluice box. By utilizing water to create hydraulic riffles in combination with Hungarian riffles, the production capacity and overall gold mining efficiency are significantly enhanced. All equipment is conveniently located on the main pontoon, simplifying transportation with minimal dismantling required.

Efficiency Empowered by Simplicity:

Designed with ease of operation in mind, the gold dredge can be effectively operated by a single person. This streamlined approach to gold mining optimizes productivity while reducing labor requirements, making it an exceptional choice for efficient and effective operations.

Contact Oiltech Dredging Equipment Today:

To learn more about this exceptional choice for gold mining and discover how it can transform your mining operations, we invite you to contact Oiltech Dredging Equipment today. Experience the power of their fourth alluvial gold dredge and unlock a new level of efficiency in your gold mining endeavors.

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