New build dredger for sale

Introducing the new build cutter suction dredger, now available for sale. This cutting-edge piece of equipment comes complete with a cutter ladder and spud poles for maximum swinging of the cutter dredger. The hydraulic cylinders mounted on the main deck make lifting the spud a breeze. Plus, we've included a high-pressure dredge pump from Warman, which is directly driven through a gear box, for maximum efficiency.

The cutterhead is designed with dismountable cutter teeth that are variable, making it ideal for tackling a wide range of dredging jobs. The dredger's principal dimensions are impressive, with an overall length of 25.0 meters when the ladder is raised, a length over hull of 16.9 meters, and a length over pontoons of 12 meters. The assembled breadth is 5.00 meters, and the depth is 1.8 meters, with a mean draught of 0.95 meters.

This dredger is built to perform in a range of environments, with a minimum dredging depth of 1 meter and a standard dredging depth of 10 meters. It boasts a dredging swing of 12 meters and a total installed power of 474 kW. The assembled weight is 52 tonnes, and the suction pipe is 254 mm (10 inches), with a discharge pipe of 200 mm (8 inches). The discharge capacity of M3/hr of slurry is 940, with a distance of up to 800 meters.

The dredge pump is a Warman 10/8 FG type with an impressive power at shaft of 310 kW. The impeller material is high chrome alloy A29 BN 300, and the door and back material is high chrome alloy A05 BN 650. The minimum passage size is 178 mm. The dredge pump drive engine is a Volvo TWD1240VE type with a power output of 310 kW at 1800 rpm.

In addition, the dredger features an auxiliary drive engine, which is a Volvo TAD941VE type with a power output of 164 kW at 1800 rpm. The cutter head is a TSCO4/750 Vosta type with hydraulic drive, power at shaft of up to 65 kW / 50 Pk, and a speed of 0.30 rpm. The warping winches are also hydraulic, with a line pull of 4 tonnes on the first layer and a capacity of 150 meters per drum.

The ladder lift cylinders are hydraulic and have a stroke of 2.2 meters, while the spuds are 12 meters in length, 406 mm in diameter, and weigh 2500 kg. The spud lift cylinders have a lifting force of 140 kN, with a cylinder stroke of 1.8 meters and a spud stroke of 3.8 meters.

The electrical installation includes an alternator of 24V. The options available for this dredger include cab air conditioning, a generator, dredging profiling systems, a mass flow meter, a 3.5-tonne SWL lifting davit, options for 500 meters of floating HDPE pipeline and 300 meters of shore HDPE, and a self-propelled dredger with a propulsion unit.

This C10-sized dredger has hydraulic cylinder arm/ladder lift equipment, a standard maximum dredge depth of 10 meters, and a hull size type of A. It has a fuel capacity of 2000L and comes with 24 months' spare parts for the engine and related dredging systems. Contact us now to learn more about this incredible new build cutter suction dredger.