Jet Suction Sand Dredger

The Jet Suction Sand Dredge is a specialized sand dredging machine designed to remove sand and other solids from shallow bodies of water, such as rivers, lakes, channels, and docks. It uses a sand dredging pump to suction up the solids and a high-pressure water jet to break up the sand layer.

The dredger can be customized to different depths, capacities, and discharge distances to suit specific sand dredging requirements. It is powered by a main diesel engine and a smaller auxiliary diesel engine that provides power to the submersible sand dredging pump and the high-pressure water pump.

The sand dredging machine is available for sale in different sizes, from small sand dredges to large ones. The sand dredge pump for sale is based on the WEIR production and pipe line analysis sheets, using Warman Dredge pumps. The pump is designed to handle sand and other solids with high efficiency and reliability.

The small sand dredge for sale is suitable for small-scale sand dredging operations, while the larger sand dredging ship is used for larger dredging projects. River sand dredging is one of the common applications of the sand dredging equipment, as it helps maintain the navigability of rivers and waterways.

In summary, the Jet Suction Sand Dredge is an efficient sand dredging equipment that is available for sale in different sizes and configurations, including small sand dredges, sand dredge pump for sale, and sand dredging ship. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, including river sand dredging, cleaning of reservoirs, sand stock, docks, piers, and harbors, where the sand layer is soft.